I started working as a salesman for a small Danish furniture company (Duba-B8) back in 2014. I soon realised that selling was not my forte and quickly gravitated more towards the logistic and technical side of the job. In May 2014 I switched to a new position in the company. I became the new installation and service manager in Asia.

Based in Singapore I travelled the globe as an Installation supervisor for the company. Carried out installations and projects from Panama to Tokyo. I have been to places where I couldn’t find on the map. Met interesting people and did some amazing projects around the world.

It was a great time, and the experience was price less. Then came Covid and Things changed. A lot of companies started to restructure, and in 2020 I found myself without a job in Singapore.

In Mid 2020 The company decided to close shop in Asia and focus more on the home market back in Denmark.

I took this turning point in my life as an opportunity and decided to go it alone. I Stayed in Singapore and established DANFITTERS in 2020. I figured out DANFITTERS can fill the vacuum created by the departure of my previous employer from Asia. There was already a huge clientele portfolio in Asia, so it made sense to stay put and ride the storm through. Throughout the process, I kept in touch with the clients and helped where necessary.

DANFITTERS is certified for the installation and servicing of the -

  • HOLMRISB8 products.
  • HAG task chairs.
  • Framery pods.
  • Linak.