Furniture Servicing

Furniture Servicing

When furniture needs servicing, it is usually due to wear and tear. This means that the furniture requires some repair work or replacement. There are many types of services that can be performed on furniture. Depending on the type of service needed, the cost of the service may vary greatly.


Painting is probably the most common service provided to furniture. When painting furniture, it is important to ensure that the paint used is suitable for the material being painted. Many paints contain solvents that are harmful to the environment. Therefore, it is best to choose environmentally friendly paints.


Staining is the application of stains to wood surfaces. Stains are applied to protect the surface from further damage. They can also change the color of the wood. Different types of stains are used depending on the purpose of the stain.


Waxing is the application of waxes to furniture. Waxes are used to give protection against scratches and dings. They can also help prevent moisture absorption.

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